Building strong connections with our partners helps to accelerate change

How we can help

As well as investing in projects that bring out the best in local communities, we also offer additional support to organisations who share our own long-term goals of challenging persistent complex problems. We value our partner relationships and know that building stronger connections will help us take a joined-up approach so we can deploy resources more efficiently and speed change.

Are we a good match?

We want to create vibrant, sustainable local communities with a bright future, and it’s important that the organisations we support can contribute to this. That’s why we invest in projects that catalyse change and make a practical difference to local peoples’ lives. At the same time, we’re flexible enough to look outside our normal funding criteria when a different route might bring a greater impact.

We like to understand the outcomes of the work we fund – even if things don’t quite go to plan. With regular, honest feedback we can fine-tune our focus so we’re able to be more targeted and more effective.

We know there are many worthwhile causes and great organisations out there, but our funds are limited. We expect to make around 30 grants each year through the Spring Fund, and to help us allocate these we’ve agreed on some key priorities and a few exclusions.

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The Spring Fund

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The Evolve Fund

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About the application process

Before you apply please read our funding guidelines to see whether your organisation is eligible and that your work meets our funding priorities.

Then you need to take our Eligibility Quiz to see if you qualify.


Applying to the programme

If you’re eligible, we’ll send you a link to the on-line application form. Once you’ve completed it and submitted your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us.

We’ll consider each application on its own merits, and even if your proposal matches all our funding criteria, we may still be unable to offer you a grant. We receive many more applications than we can fund and unfortunately we can’t support them all, however good and worthwhile the work may be.

If you receive a grant

If you receive a grant, before the payment can be released, you’ll need to sign the Terms and Conditions form that explains our expectations, including what the funds will be used for, reporting requirements and publicity guidelines. You’ll also need to:

  • Complete and return the BACs payment form
  • Send a photocopy of a bank paying in slip
  • Provide a copy of a bank statement or letter issued by the bank to confirm payee details.

At the end of the project, you’ll have to complete a Final Report, which needs to be submitted no later than 12 months after the grant has been awarded. Other proposals for grants can’t be considered until we’ve received the Report – please contact us to talk through whether you can apply again before you complete a new application form.

In special circumstances, we may be able to extend your grant deadline or modify how the funds are used.

If you are unsuccessful

We’ll let you know if your proposal is unsuccessful and give you a brief explanation of why we couldn’t offer funding. You’ll need to wait for 12-months before you can reapply, so it’s important to make the best possible case when you submit your first application.

Contact us for more advice

If you’re unsure whether to apply or need further information about any aspect of the application process, please call us on 020 7501 0707 and we’ll do our best to help.

Please see our FAQ section for answers to common queries.

Working together

What happens
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