Don’t be shy, applications are not beauty contests

What we look for in an application

We’re interested in funding work that has some of the following features:


Tangible benefits

Real, practical benefits – we like to fund work that has a visible, far-reaching impact, such as value beyond the direct beneficiaries or a legacy for the future.


Good use of volunteers

Good use of volunteers – from pro-bono professionals to young people and local communities. We expect you to follow and develop best practice with your volunteers.


Work that may be hard to fund

Work that may be hard to find funding for – perhaps because the cause is a bit earthy or doesn’t have a high public profile.


We want to work with organisations who are doing a good job but have the ambition to achieve more. The calibre of staff, trustees and volunteers is really important to us, so your organisation should be able to demonstrate some of the following key qualities.


Strong governance and management

An engaged board, well qualified people and strong leadership, good understanding and oversight of finances at all levels, thoughtful reporting and awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as an organisation



A good understanding of the challenges and how best to tackle them, awareness of how your organisation relates to and complements other agencies, effective systems to monitor and review progress, a culture of continuous improvement, knowing how to prevent problems recurring and having an eye for opportunities that have a wider impact.