We fund work that contributes to a long-term vision and ensures that neighbourhoods are fit for the future

The Evolve Fund

Please note, the Evolve Fund is a closed programme and does not accept unsolicited applications.

The Evolve Fund is for selected organisations who are working towards longer-term goals that match our own vision for the future. It’s a proactive fund for carefully considered partners we choose to work with – organisations who are usually involved in projects that tackle a clear and well-researched need. Their approach is normally based around evidence of what works, and they have a good understanding of how their proposals will impact in both the short- and longer-term.

What We Fund

We’re open to funding a range of organisations and projects that we feel match our aims and objectives. This could include larger projects with a bigger scope and wider geographical reach, as long as they fit with our overall aims and bring practical benefits to our local communities in Lambeth and Wandsworth.

Further information

Please note, the Evolve Fund does not accept unsolicited applications