Grant Making Priorities

We work with many different types of organisation and fund a wide variety of projects, but there are four common priorities that we look for in every application.



We like to support projects that are tied to a longer-term vision, rather than being just a short-term fix. And we’ll look at how organisations approach sustainability in its widest sense, through the impact of their programmes, policies and practices on our environment, communities and economy.

Local impact

We want local people to benefit directly from our grants, but we also look at the overall reach and impact of the projects we fund. That means taking into account what organisations are doing, as well as where they’re working. This could result in us funding larger, wider scale projects if they meet our overall objectives, such as supporting local organisations planning to expand their reach or those working with other groups that we’re keen to support.

Shared involvement

We believe in the power of more, and encourage people and organisations to work together to achieve common goals. Collaboration helps everyone get a clear view of the issues that need to be tackled and accelerates progress. It can include all kinds of partnerships and networking activities.

Added value

We’d like our grants to go further and hope they attract additional funding into the local area and for the organisations we work with. This could mean using one of our grants as match funding, or maybe combining it with other resources to build the capacity of communities to make better neighbourhoods.