We fund work that contributes to a long-term vision and ensures that neighbourhoods are fit for the future

The Evolve Fund

Please note, the Evolve Fund is a closed programme and does not accept unsolicited applications.

It’s a proactive fund for carefully considered partners.  The Fund is designed as a strategic investment that will have a longer-term influence on the shape of the organisation itself.

We will make investments in community groups that are committed to positive change in both boroughs.  We look for organisations that can evidence what works, and that have a good understanding of how their work will impact in both the short- and longer-term.

What We Fund

Evolve Fund grants will provide often scarce resources to organisations to help them gain strength, innovate and grow.  Our aim is to support thriving organisations who face a range of internal and external challenges that can undermine their effectiveness.  We believe strong organisations help create strong communities.

We’re open to funding a range of organisations and projects that we feel match our aims and objectives of bringing practical benefits to local communities in Lambeth and Wandsworth.  This could include supporting a CEO to have the time/space to create a new business plan or funding a pilot project or helping an organisation scale an idea.

We will also continue our commitment to strengthening and supporting the voluntary sector in both boroughs.  The goal is to support the voluntary sector to function better, smarter and more efficiently.  We will invest in programmes to improve organsiations’ management, governance and operations (e.g. Local Roots, WISE, The Integrate Agency CIC, Link Up).  Our primary tools for this work are: grantmaking, convening, collaboration and brokering relationships.  This is one way we are leaving a legacy within both boroughs.

Further information

Please note, the Evolve Fund does not accept unsolicited applications